Monday, July 30, 2007

Buying Books while Bellied up to the Bar

Paid a visit to one of my favorite watering holes this past weekend. Bellied up to the bar and plopped 5 copies of "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" next to me as the bartender slid a cool one in front of me.

Of course, my friends bought them eagerly and began reading excerpts of it. "Hey, this really looks good! Can't wait to read it!" each of them said. I smiled and thanked them. I know they are going to LOVE it. More than they know.

Then, a guy catches my eye at the corner of the bar. He's staring at the book and has a haircut that indicates he might be in the military. He asks me, "Is that book sort of philosophical?" I nod yes. "Why do you ask?" He nods and says that he went to Chiang Mai to find himself.

"The countryside is gorgeous. Very primitive in sections. But it gives you such a sense of being able to look within." I smile and know he'll enjoy the book.

"I began every morning by jogging on Loi Kroh Road. The bars were closing down from the previous night, there were still some party revelers stumbling home and there were some like me listening for answers. I even saw The Mango Tree Cafe. It's true what you said in that book."

"What do you mean?" I ask. "The legend is true. You're changed forever when you go on that street. Scary stuff...." He shakes his head and buys me a beer.

I get the impression he still searches for answers.

Friday, July 27, 2007

News, News and More News!

Here is the latest news on "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" (hold on to your hat!)

  • The book has been selected as the next read for Melbourne, Australia's Book Club in October! I'll forward comments when they come in!
  • The novel is also competing for "Best Fiction Novel" in USABOOKNEWS.COM's annual list!
  • Books2Mention Magazine is also interested in reviewing the novel! You will be able to see the review on Barnes & Noble as well as when complete.
Stay tuned for MORE news and updates! Don't forget to buy your copy of the book!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Something Amazing Happened This Morning...

I opened my email and got an invite to a new yahoo group called "The Mango Tree Cafe'".

Swing by and join, won't you? I anticipate that there will be discussions about the book and other Cafe Questions.

Click here:

I told you big things were going to happen!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Mango Tree Cafe', Loi Kroh Road is FOR SALE!

Be sure to buy a copy hot off the presses!

Available soon on Barnes & Noble, and all other major book retailers.

Monday, July 16, 2007

No Rest for The Weary! On To Beijing, CHINA's Book Fair

If any of you are in the Beijing, China area during Aug 30 - Sep 3, 2007, be sure to check out "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" book on display with the Jenkins Group at their international book fair!

Thousands of books are expected to be displayed and The Mango Tree Cafe book will be there as well with a one very excited co-author on hand, Mr. Alan Solomon. So take this opportunity to shake his hand if you are a book seller and order our book! We are hoping it literally flies off the shelf with orders!

Stay tuned for more details!

WE ARE PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass the champagne, "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" is scheduled to be published and available for purchase within the next week or two!

I just finished polishing the book and am sending via email to Alan in Beijing to proof a bit further. Then, dear reader, you will be able to hold in your hands the book that started it all!

Just look at the crowds clamoring to get a copy of the book!

Continue to stay tuned, more exciting news is on the way!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Music and Text in the Book Trailer

Thanks to all that stopped by to either watch the book trailer here, or at You Tube. Quite a few of you remarked about the music and text that was in the trailer.

The music/lyrics of "Solitaire" was written by an American named Neil Sedaka. He's had numerous hits throughout his career and this song is a particularly touching one.

The singer's name is a British citizen named Tony Christie. He's definitely got a beautiful voice and sings the Sedaka composition with such feeling. The song was chosen because Alan mentions it in the book. So, we tried to be as true to the book as possible when doing the trailer.

Check out the performance of this song with both Sedaka and Christie:

As for the text, all I can do is mutter an "aw shucks it was nothin'". I wrote the text based upon my affection for the book.

Alan and I are so glad you enjoyed the mini-film. Please continue to link to the You Tube link